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Anonymous said: is tressemme naturals better than herbal essences?

I like it better ;)

nubianessence said: hello my natural hair hero! lol quick question: how often do you comb or brush your hair? i'm trying to grow my hair past this "shoulder length" but it only feels soft and fluffy if i comb it out before moisturizing (which is every day/maybe every other day). any advice would be helpful:)))

I do not comb nor brush my hair. I just use my fingers. :) thank you!

sincerelyjess-j said: Your hair must grow EXTREMELY fast! I have been following your journey since I embraced my curls and you have amazing growth!

Haha! Thanks! I am not sure, I just try to keep it healthy! Thanks!

Anonymous said: Hi Jess, you mentioned that you still use the HE products? Are they in line with the CG method? I thought that they had cones in them? Thanks!!!!

I used to use them, but now I use tresseme naturals and DevaCurl exclusively. I was told the hello hydration and totally twisted have water soluble cones, but I do not use the HE anymore. HTH!

Anonymous said: Hey Jes! Your hair is beautiful and its growing so nicely. My question for you is do you have a skincare regimen? Your skin is flawless!

Hey! Thank you so much! I do! Every morning and night I use Ambi’s cleansing bar ( it is green). It makes a nice lather. Then I rinse and apply Ambi’s moisturizer with SPF 30. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings I exfoliate with Ambi’s Even and Clear Exfoliating Wash plus my daily cleaning regimen. That is it along with drinking a lot water! Thanks again!